Fallout: New Vegas teases 'Honest Hearts'

Bethesda prepped for the launch of its next bit of Fallout: New Vegas downloadable content today with a fresh batch of screens and a new teaser trailer.


Titled "Honest Hearts," the DLC entails your Courier character getting ambushed by a tribal raiding band. It's a long walk back to the Mojave, and before you know it you're plum in the middle of a war between the Burned Man and a New Canaanite missionary.

The company has teased that you will "determine the fate of Zion," which points to siding with a faction and turning the tide as you did in the main game. Chances are good that neither party is a moral paragon here.

The DLC is scheduled for an Xbox Live and Steam release on May 17. The PlayStation Network is more vague for obvious reasons, but Bethesda says it will come "on the earliest date possible."

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