Jurassic Park: The Game delayed into fall

With the end of the month in sight and a solid release date for the first episode of Jurassic Park: The Game not, it's no surprise to hear that developer Telltale's plans for an April launch have changed. The movie spin-off's PC and Mac editions will now arrive in fall, delayed to give more time for "making the game great."


"The game's mechanics and storytelling have come together in such a way that we see great potential, so much so that we feel we can push these elements to the next level if we spend some extra time working on them," Telltale Games CEO Dan Connors explained.

All who have pre-ordered the series from Telltale will receive a full refund and a coupon for a free Telltale Game. Neatly, this voucher will let you claim Jurassic Park for free when it finally arrives, if you don't mind waiting.

The PC and Mac editions will now launch alongside the "multiplatform" editions this fall. Given Telltale's track record, it's likely we can expect iPad and PlayStation 3 editions, at least.

"We'll be investing the extra time into making the game great and it will be released simultaneously on every platform this fall," Connor said. "We regret any disappointment on the part of our fans but we are confident you'll be pleased with our decision when the game comes out."

A delay was perhaps to be expected, as Telltale has a huge number of projects in the pipeline. The episodic Back to the Future: The Game series is in full swing, the PC and Mac editions of Hector are out today, plus Telltale's also rebooting the King's Quest series, developing a sequel to Puzzle Agent, and making games based upon Law & Order: Los Angeles, Fables, and The Walking Dead.