Max Payne 3 screens celebrate bullet time


Rockstar sent out a fresh batch of screenshots today for Max Payne 3, showing off lots pointed guns and tense situations. The accompanying fact sheet mentions use of the Euphoria engine, which replaces stock animations with simulated responses to the environments. In this case, it's said to make Max's floor dives and Bullet Time more natural, while letting enemies respond to your bullets more effectively.

James McCaffrey is not only voicing Max but doing motion-capture work for the character. Rockstar also promises "hundreds of hours" of motion capture for sidekick and partner characters, as well as to make accurate enemy movements.

Bullet Cams are also making a comeback for those kills you just have to see up-close, and the bullets can even wreak some havoc on the environment.

The game is expected to hit this year, but Rockstar has been hesitant to put a specific date on Max Payne's adventures through male pattern baldness. At this point, it's easy to understand why: the game was delayed, then delayed again, and then yet again. Whenever it comes, it looks pretty gorgeous. Check out our gallery for all the new shots.