Report: Sony halts production on PSP Go

Sony may have halted production of the PSP Go, according to Andriasang. The site translates a Japanese blog from a Sony Shop employee, claiming the store won't be getting any more shipments because production is ceasing. Meanwhile, some models of the Go are at least temporarily out of stock in Japan and Europe, though it's still listed for sale in the North American Sony Store.

Stirring the pot further is a statement issued to Eurogamer, vaguely promising to continue to meet demand for the "current generation of PSPs." The company was mum on whether the PSP Go is being discontinued.

The PSP Go hasn't exactly set the world ablaze, with a high price point and software releases that are hit or miss when it comes to platform parity. Just last month we saw Sony seem to quietly drop the price, only to raise it back the following week. A discontinuation of the system now would make sense, as Sony is likely preparing its production facilities to make its upcoming handheld, the NGP.

We've contacted Sony regarding the potential discontinuation, and we'll update as more information becomes available.