Two Worlds II getting pirates-themed expansion

Two Worlds II will be getting a pirate-themed expansion pack in the fall, publisher Topware announced today. Of course, since this is an RPG and everything is magical, they can't just be pirates. So these are sky pirates.

The "Pirates of the Flying Fortress" pack will launch this September for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, promising new single- and multiplayer content. Developer Reality Pump will be bringing thunder and rain storms, new bosses and weapons with which to take down those bosses, impact-oriented horse armor and more breeds, and new cut-scene animations and dialog.

The announcement sheds about as little light as possible on the titular pirates, other than to say their world is "gloomy." Apparently these aren't of the Penzance variety, which is too bad; if only a developer were brave enough to give us foppish, musical pirates.