Portal 2 to release early, with ARG's help

Valve's alternate reality game (ARG) countdown clock has reached its apex, and revealed that the rumors are true: you can play Portal 2 before its set release date, but nothing in life comes free. The new GlaDOS@Home page promises an early launch of the game, if players generate enough computing power to restart GlaDOS. How? By playing the indie games from the Potato Sack bundle, of course.

So is this shameless marketing for a sale in the Steam store? Maybe a bit. But we have to hand it to Valve for being clever, and early access to Portal 2 is sure to attract some attention from fans. The progress bars are starting to inch towards completion and it's only been active for a few minutes, so maybe PC players will be able to start having fun with science soon.

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players, on the other hand, will probably still have to wait until its official street date on April 19.