What are you playing: Slow It Down

I need to find a machine that allows me to either stop or slow down time. It's all going by so fast while I pack boxes and get things ready for the move. Sadly, that also means that I don't have any time to play games at the moment.

I must live vicariously through you all, for the time being. What are you up to this weekend?

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  • Garnett Lee: Mostly I’ll be playing SOCOM 4 for our upcoming review. I’ll take a few breaks of course to continue Torchlight on XBLA, which I’m about two-thirds of the way through and maybe some PixelJunk Shooter 2 which I’m slowly making progress in.

  • Alice O'Connor: Between seeing Tetsuya Mizuguchi talking about Child of Eden and celebrating spring with disgraceful displays of drunkenness in public parks, I'm hoping to fit in a little time for Anomaly: Warzone Earth or some Dino D-Day with the dinomaniac Chris Faylor

  • Xav de Matos: Packing boxes: Game of the Year Edition.

  • Jeff Mattas: Finally grabbed a copy of Crysis 2 for PC, so there’s that. I’m also making my way through Anomaly: Warzone Earth, and will probably blow myself up a few dozen more times in Motorstorm: Apocalypse.

  • Steve Watts: Enjoying some birthday revelry with family and friends, and possibly visiting the Spy Museum in D.C. Still considering whether to run through shouting about spies sappin' mah sentry.

  • Ozzie Mejia: Taking this weekend to catch up and finally play through Assassin Creed: Brotherhood's Da Vinci Disappearance DLC. And maybe catch a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Black...and add it to the other 50 or so legendaries that are in this game.