EA announces The Sims 3 Generations


Your lovable little virtual torture victims are getting a new expansion pack this spring, EA announced today. The Sims 3 Generations brings new activities for every stage of your Sims' lives.

Your Sim will start out as a child, where he can have an imaginary friend (who can be made real), take dance classes, and hang out in his tree house. Teenage years consist of pranks, proms, and parties. If you're more the teen nerd type, you can have him play with a chemistry set, but misuse will make him a dead teen Sim statistic. If he survives, the adult Sims can plan bachelor and bachelorette parties, throw large-scale weddings, and change their style when they hit a mid-life crisis.

EA didn't mention a price or release date for the expansion, but previous expansions have hit between $30-40 MSRP. Unlike the recent The Sims 3 Medieval, this is an expansion pack, not a standalone game, so you'll need the original The Sims 3 to get up to the wacky shenanigans.

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