Monday Night Combat PC gets free weekend, sale

The PC edition of Uber Entertainment's Monday Night Combat will be free for all to play this weekend on Steam, Valve has announced. As if that weren't splendid enough, there's also 33% off its price, for those who take a shine to it.

The weekend's a long one, having begun today and running until 1pm PST on Monday. The discount is now live and Monday Night Combat has appeared in everyone's Steam library, for the duration of the weekend, so simply install to start playing. Should you somehow not already have a Steam account, sign up for one and it'll be there.

With the 33% discount, Monday Night Combat is down to $10.04 for a single copy, or $30.12 for a four-pack to share with your chums.

The spawn of Team Fortress 2 and Defense of the Ancients, Monday Night Combat is a multiplayer class-based shooter masquerading as a cheery futuristic blood sport. It was originally released on Xbox Live Arcade in August 2010, then came to PC in January.

See you in the arena, fight fans. Hiyooo!