Square Enix looking into new Canadian studio

Square Enix may be opening another studio in the great white north, according to an interview in the Montreal newspaper La Presse (via Game Focus). Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are all said to be in the running for the new location, which would contain over 100 employees.

Square Enix owns Eidos, which opened a new studio in Montreal in 2007. It acts as the quality assurance base for the company and is currently working on new entries in the Deus Ex and Thief franchises. But having a studio in the city already doesn't necessarily rule out opening another. The report claims it could be looking into having the two work collaboratively, in addition to benefits of tax credits and subsidies.

More publishers have been looking into Canadian cities as options for new development houses. Ubisoft received investment funds from the Ontario government when it opened a studio in Toronto, and rumor has it that THQ may be moving Kaos to Montreal [via Develop].

Eidos Montreal director St├ęphane D'Astous said the company hopes to reach a decision by May, and to open the new studio sometime in 2012. Eidos Montreal is set to launch Deus Ex: Human Revolution in August.