Dragon Age 2 bug fixes on the way


BioWare is working on fixes to a few bugs in the console and PC versions of Dragon Age 2, reports Eurogamer. Lead designer Mike Laidlaw detailed the two biggest bugs,which he says the team is "aggressively patching."

The first bug is a compatibility issue with DirectX 11. He suggests that if you're seeing stuttering or slowdown, you should move the renderer down to DirectX 9 until the patch arrives to fix the issue. "We're working with NVIDIA/AMD to make sure patches are coming out, because some of it is actually the driver compatibility," he said.

The second bug only impacts consoles. Apparently the option to turn on auto-attack exists in the game, but it's invisible in the menu. To attack one target continuously, players need to keep tapping a button, or find the auto-attack order in the radial menu. But selecting it that way "wasn't the intent for the core gameplay" according to Laidlaw.

The PC patch will most likely hit as soon as BioWare can properly test it, but the console versions need to pass by certification. "I can't really speak to time-frame because obviously they need to go through the quality assurance of Sony and Microsoft to make sure that they're up to their standards and so on," he said. "So that creates a little bit more delay than we'd hoped for."