FF4 Complete getting Special Edition in Europe

Square Enix announced its European launch plans for Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection today. The game will hit Europe and PAL territories on April 22, just a few days after its North American release on April 19. But there's a twist. Europeans have a crack at the Special Edition of the game if they pre-order or buy it at launch. It includes art cards, a Cecil screen cleaning cloth, special packaging, and downloadable content for Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy. The DLC itself will be revealed later. My bet? A title-shortening patch. Of course, the game includes the original Final Fantasy IV, along with its sequel The After Years, both polished with new sprites, to boot. A European price wasn't mentioned, but the game will cost $29.99 in the States -- so probably somewhere around there. The Special Edition announcement was bundled with the European release announcement, and all of the art we've seen includes the PEGI ratings, so there's no guarantee that it will be available for North American customers. We've contacted Square Enix to clarify.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection special edition