Square Releasing Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection in North America on April 19

The PSP is getting an update to a classic RPG this spring, with Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection. Square Enix announced in a press release today that the game will hit North America on April 19. A European date has only been set within the vague time period of "spring."

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If you've somehow managed to miss Final Fantasy IV on the Super NES, PlayStation, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS, and Virtual Console, the new "Complete" set makes a strong case for itself. The package includes updated graphics for Final Fantasy IV and its sequel, The After Years.

Previously, The After Years was sold in pieces on WiiWare, priced at nearly $40 for the complete set. By comparison, Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection will retail for a reasonable $29.99.

As was the case with today's The 3rd Birthday release announcement, Square Enix didn't mention a possible PSN release, which doesn't bode well for those who prefer to download their PSP games. We've reached out to Square and will update with any further information.

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