Sony cuts PSP price, reveals new 'Greatest Hits'

focalbox With its Next Generation Portable on the horizon, Sony might want to consider clearing out some warehouse space.

Perhaps related, Sony has announced it will cut the price of its PSP-3000 to $130. News of the $40 drop comes from the PlayStation Blog, which revealed so many other discounted items we're surprised the site didn't include video of Howard Stringer screaming "everything must go!" into a camera. Also discounted are "PSP Entertainment Packs," which will be reduced to $160. The PSP Go price will not drop, remaining $200 and on dusty store shelves. Price cuts go into affect on February 27. Piling onto the savings, Sony has revealed a number of additions to its "Greatest Hits" line-up as well as more games for its its even cheaper "Favorites" list.

That's a healthy stack of quality games and Sony could probably use the warehouse space.