Evening Reading

After playing through Dead Space 2 this week in just a few meaty sittings, I'm beginning to wonder if being on-edge for extended periods contributes to any measurable health risks. Someone should do a study.

In other news, the Internets are abuzz with the a ton of details about Sony's "Next Generation Portable." Well, everything except for the price, that is. Looks like we may have to wait until E3 for standard price-points for both the NGP's hardware and software. That said, if the retailer-proposed pricing for Nintendo's 3DS and its software is an indication of where the cost of portable gaming is headed, the gap between the cost of gaming on traditional consoles or PCs and the cost of playing on hand-helds is becoming more and more negligible.

I've personally never been much for gaming on hand-helds, but I do find the future prospects pretty compelling, though potentially quite pricey. What do you think of the narrowing cost and technology gaps between "on the couch" and "on the go" gaming?

And here's some funny:

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