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By Alice O'Connor, Dec 08, 2010 5:00am PST Lately I've taken to buying books on recommendation alone, not even reading reviews, the plot synopsis or cover blurbs. "You might like this" is all I know going in. It's brilliant. Everything is a surprise. I have no idea of the plot, the characters, the genre, the author's writing style, anything. Fantastic. It doesn't always work out but $10 isn't much and it's a small price to pay for what I get. Besides, if I don't like a book, I can always easily pass it on or donate to a charity shop. I wish I could come into video games in this way.

Alas, $50 is not an amount to casually drop on something I may like, nor even $20. I want to know more--the genre, the developer's track record, how stable it is, whether it performs well... by which point, I've accidentally learnt everything about the game anyway. Besides, most games operate in the same way, so it's unlikely I'd be surprised anyway. There are plot spoilers but video game plots are, by and large, to be ignored and avoided as much as possible lest your brain dribble out of your ears.

When video game surprises do come along, though, gosh it's lovely.

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  • You guys ever had problems with Think Geek orders?

    An order I'd purchased from them arrived today but didn't contain all the items included in the order list that was inside the box. What's more, the order list didn't include all the things I'd ordered. So there were 2 items I didn't get - one that wasn't included on their copy of my order sheet, and one that was included on their order sheet but wasn't in the box with that sheet. My receipt at home shows both missing items.

    So are they pretty good at fixing this kind of stuff or is it gonna be a headache? I really don't want to spend all day on some automated phone system