Morning Discussion

I've been playing a lot of Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer on PC and on the Xbox 360 and I find that I'm a lot better on PC. The obvious call would be because aiming and firing is so much smoother on PC with a mouse and keyboard, but I've actually been testing out the PC version with a controller. Still, I'm better on PC. (I'm not great on either platform, but I'm not terrible either.)

I mentioned it briefly in our PC-focused article last week but I think that the clarity afforded by the better graphics are definitely a factor in my play. I can spot enemies a lot better on PC whereas they looked washed out on console--even though I'm using the same 1080p monitor for both versions.

I tend to get pretty addicted to the multiplayer components of games as soon as they come out but stop playing them entirely a week or two post-launch: Halo Reach, Medal of Honor, and Modern Warfare 2 suffered the same fate when I got them.

We'll have to see if I return to the game this week. I wonder if playing it in 3D would change the experience?

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