Morning Discussion

Boo! There is, of course, no need to be scared--I was merely imitating a spooky noise. Halloween arrives this weekend, a ghoulish affair celebrated with festive begging, ghastly alcoholic cocktails, threats of violence and quiet prayer, usually in that order. Halloween in England is really only an excuse to show horror flicks on television, for gentlemen to dress as ladies and for ladies to dress as sexy ladies.

Boo! Got you again. Except, of course, I didn't. So then, come on, out with it--what are your favourite fictional scary things? Video games, films, books, plays, songs, paintings, everything, out with it all! Don't share anything that's actually real and scary, though, because we should pretend those don't exist then everything will be just dandy.

If you're in the mood for some cheesy spooky tunes, try tuning into Halloween Radio. I like the Oldies stream, personally. If you fancy something darker, though, point your ears at the fantastic Soma FM's Doomed stream.

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