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By Brian Leahy, Aug 19, 2010 5:00pm PDT Off to record this week's episode of Weekend Confirmed, where I'll be discussing the games from QuakeCon 2010 as well as some Monday Night Combat. If they let me, I might sneak in a bit of StarCraft II as well.

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  • GamesCom Gran Turismo 5 Breakout Session: Full Details

    here's a brief summary

    - Polyphony Digital has 140 people working on the game; a smaller number than some people have thought
    - newly added vehicles include the Pagani Zonda R '09, Subaru WRX Sedan '10, Lexus IS-F Racing Concept '08, Ferrari 330 P4 '67, Jaguar XJ13 Race '67 and the Lamborghini Miura Bertone Prototype P400 ‘67
    - B-Spec mode lets you manage the careers of a squad of drivers (mode includes elements surrounding the driver's personality, strength and mental condition)
    - more than seventy (70) unique courses will be avaiable with the game (presumably at launch in early November 2010).
    - Course Maker enables the player to create new courses from scratch and share them online with friends. editing existing tracks doesn't seem to be an option, however.

    other online sources highlight features that include new race circuits (Autodromo Nationale di Monza and Piazza del Campo) as well as real-time weather changes during races