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I started up APB last night and when I actually get into combat, I have fun, but so much of the game is spent traveling from one location to another. The sub-par driving doesn't help this and the total lack of player vs. environment content really grates on me for something that is, basically, an MMO.

When my mission is to go "raid" a gang hideout, I expect to actually participate in some sort of "raid", not just press the 'F' key and wait for an item to pop-out of this unguarded hideout.

I'm going to give it a bit more time, but the MMO construct around the shooting is generally detracting from my experience. This isn't promising.

Also, indie gaming fans: check out this awesome post over at Shack sister-site Indie Games Channel with info, trailers, and screenshots of all 10 indie games being honored at PAX Prime 10.

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