'Large' Microsoft Franchise Coming to Project Natal

BOOM widget 84387 As Microsoft continues to staff up for Project Natal, a job listing uncovered by CVG indicates that a "large franchise" is in the works for the motion-sensitive Xbox 360 add-on.

However, the identity of that franchise remains unclear, as it's discussed in vague terms.

Specifically, the listing is for a senior Project Natal level designer, one that "can create innovative game-play solutions for a large franchise" with "a clear understanding and experience creating mission/environment design, look and feel, AI, combat, strategy, game-flow, and balance." The listing adds that "we want somebody who can put forth ideas without fear, and build off other people's zany creations."

Whatever the game turns out to be, it won't be the only big franchise on Project Natal. Late last week, Microsoft detailed how Fable III will take advantage of the add-on, and a number of other publishers have committed to supporting the add-on. Some, like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, have vowed to release compatible titles when it hits this holiday season, with Capcom readying a "gamer's game" for a bit further out.