Alan Wake Media Blast Brings New Footage

By Alice O'Connor and Chris Faylor, Jan 11, 2010 8:55am PST Developer Remedy has released a splurge of Alan Wake media, including new screenshots, footage, and just over 22 minutes of gameplay culled from E3 2009 and Tokyo Game Show 2009 showings you may have missed.

Publisher Microsoft recently announced that more chapters in the "action thriller" will arrive as downloadable content after the Xbox 360 version releases this spring. Unfortunately nothing was said of the PC version, the fate of which still hangs in the balance.

As for all that E3 and Tokyo Game Show footage, it follows just below:

Alan Wake - E3 2009 Extended Gameplay Part 1

Alan Wake - E3 2009 Extended Gameplay Part 2

Alan Wake - TGS 2009 Police Escape Gameplay

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  • the graphics and sound certainly look great. and the combat seems interesting with the flashlight used in combination with other weapons. but it doesn't look like much of an open world game -- seems like you're always going along a more-or-less pre-determined path. I suppose It's still possible to make a game fun using that formula, but personally I dislike playing a game where I'm always letting go of the controls because a cut-scene is starting. I was looking forward to this game for the exploration aspect, but from what I'm seeing in these videos there won't be much free exploration.