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By Greg Mueller, Jan 08, 2010 5:00pm PST Here's a fresh chatty for you all to enjoy on this Friday night. We've had our ups and we've had our downs, but it's been a pretty good first week to start off the new year. It will no doubt be remembered as vividly and with the same fondness as all the other first-weeks-of-the-year past. That is, not much at all.

The weekend is almost upon us. May yours be as fun and exciting as an endless stream of sharp news, snappy headlines, and witty comments from Faylor, Alice, Garnett, Jeff, and the rest of the Shack.

In case you missed it, here's a taste of all the fun and excitement we had today:

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  • Shack, I have an HDTV problem that's so strange I don't know how to google it, so I turn to you (in reply).

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    • I get TV over the air with a $2 set of rabbit ears. Don't watch much TV other than the local news, so I'm not really interested in cable and this is all I really need. One less bill to pay and one less box in the entertainment center.

      Lately, certain channels--90% of the time the ABC affiliate, though the Fox station did this a couple of times--have exhibited this strange behavior where the picture will pause for about half a second and then display the frames that should have played during that pause in a sped-up, ultra-smooth fashion (looks like fast-forwarding). This usually happens every 5-10 seconds when it happens, which is not all the time. Even weirder, it will happen during some programming (like a show) and then stop during the commercials, then resume when the show comes back on.

      My TV is a Samsung LN46A550. This odd behavior started sometime after I updated the TV's firmware a few weeks ago, and I wondered if Samsung changed the way the TV handles poor reception, by causing the image to hang when the signal drops out rather than just letting the picture visibly break up like it used to. But then, I've seen the picture break up that way since the update too (but less frequently).

      As far as the firmware goes, I'm not going to immediately equate correlation to causation on this one. But it's bugging the hell out of me and I'd like to solve the problem if possible. Has anyone else ever seen this kind of issue with a Samsung or any other TV and know why it might be happening?