First Post!

by Maarten Goldstein, Nov 24, 2008 6:13am PST

And a good morning to each and every one of you. Had a good weekend?

Mine was filled with hours of Fable 2. Unless the storyline goes horrendously bad during the last part, this will be my Game of the Year.By far more fun than anything I've played this year, and I don't look forward to completing it at all. I'm just doing side-quests now to avoid having to advance the main story for the time being. Though a bit buggy (I've played half the game with a furniture upgrade message at the top of my screen), its just so incredibly charming and funny - though I can see it doing nothing for other people because some elements are probably a bit of an acquired taste. Unless its just horse armor, I will buy every bit of DLC they release for this game.

  • Excel: Killin me softly

    Normally when you select a range of data (incl. multiple columns and rows) and click the fill handle (ie you hover over the bottom right corner of the last cell's border and it turns into a solid +) and drag down, you can drag down by individual rows. However, this one time I managed to make it drag down automatically by the same quantity of rows that was in the original range... as in, however far down I dragged the mouse, it would only duplicate entire ranges, you couldn't drag down and duplicate only half the range.

    Any idea how I managed to do this? I need to do it again for 300+ pages, and I've googled for an hour now and I just can't find it.