Postal 3 Heading to PlayStation 3, Slightly Delayed

The third entry in Running With Scissors' controversial open-world series Postal is heading to PlayStation 3 in addition to the previously announced PC and Xbox 360 versions, studio marketing moyel Mike Jaret has revealed to Shacknews. nope

While the PC and Xbox 360 iterations of Postal III were tentatively slated for release in Q2 2009, Jaret noted that those two editions are now more likely to arrive in "mid-to-late 2009."

However, he was unable to provide an estimated release date for the PS3 version, attributing the uncertainty to technical concerns in utilizing the game's licensed Source engine on the platform.

The company had previously noted a PS3 release of the shooter, which is being co-developed by Russian studio Akella and currently has no publisher, was under consideration, but would probably follow the game's initial debut.

Only one game utilizing Valve's Source engine technology, its mega-compilation The Orange Box, has been released on PS3. While the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the title were developed internally at Valve, the PS3 port was outsourced to EA UK, and was widely chastised for its performance issues compared to the other editions.