Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Nov 29, 2007 7:03pm PST So, uh... it seems fondue for dinner takes a really really long time. First time I've gone. Crazy overpriced but pretty good.

Lastly, price drops for solid state drives please!

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  • ER'd.

    so anyone interested in buying my old world of warcraft account by any chance?

    i just got one of those "come back and play here's 10 days free" emails so i checked to see what was left since i gave the account info to some of my friends who were still playing back when i quit. looks like they raped me of most of my gold but nothing else. the account has a 60 undead rogue and 60 undead mage as well as a 21 orc hunter all on tichondrius pvp server.

    anyway, i'm not going to do anything with it, so if anyone is even remotely interested lemme know and ill post more details.