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By Steve Gibson, Jun 28, 2007 5:00pm PDT So I'll just assume you are reading this on your soon to be replaced cell phone as you wait in line for your iPhone. Pretty sure I'll go check one out to see what the fuss is tomorrow with a store right near me.

Lastly, it hurts to be bullied online. Really.

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  • Can one of you technical menz tell me what's the current status of sound cards with Vista? I hate my onboard sound and I was going to buy a card as part of a Vista wipe, but now it seems that Vista changes a lot of how sound works and many expensive cards are just rubbish.

    Somebody tweaked Creative's drivers to work with SBLive, and now I'm just thinking of throwing my old, outdated Live in there and using that until this whole issue is sorted out. My speakers are bad enough that I can't tell the difference between 2-speakers and 5.1 anyway, and I never use stuff like EAX because it creates overhead.

    Is this the wisest route? Should I just hold on sound until OpenAL/Vista cards or support starts becoming common?

  • So I hope some of you bastards went out and picked up Overlord. If you liked the demo, the retail is just more good times. The game isn't nearly as dark as I hoped it would be, but the humor, voice acting, and visuals are still very entertaining. Its one of those games that you play for a few hours and then stop because you've had enough of the game play style (it gets tiresome in the same way that Diablo-esque games tire me out). Then the next day you are ready for another fun gaming session. I've been quite impressed with the varied environment styles and especially the humor derived from your minions/npcs. I've read some people saying they got 15-20 hours of gameplay out of it, so you really cant argue with that!.

    I went with the PC version because 1)I'm poor (40 bucks at gogamer!) and 2) my roommates are always playing the damn wii so my PC was a better late night option. The controls with kb+m are fine once you settle into them, but I've been thinking I would go pick up a 360 wifi dongle and enjoy the same controls as the console. It is a bit of a system hog though and on my 7800gtx/2.5ghz opteron/2gb ram (yes old) I have to run at 1280x1024 with shadows off. So it may be a good console buy if your computer is getting a bit old.

  • Kitty Update!

    My kitties went to the vet today. They both have ear mites. The baby, Stretch, has a horrible infestation according to the vet. She gave them both drops for their ears that last 3 weeks. I will be taking him back for his boosters in 3 weeks and shes gonna check his ears at that time too. They also clipped his nails and they think he is 10 weeks old. I thought he was 8 weeks old! :)
    Hey was so mean to the ladies today that they had to drag her along the table to get the needle into her for her vaccines. She looked like a devil cat. In order to put the medicine in her ears, they had to give her some gas. They sorta knocked her out and clipped her nails and gave her the medicine and gave her a quick bath for me. She should be fine but I think the vaccines gave her a fever. Shes laying on my chest right now and her paws are really hot.

    TLDR: The kitties got some ear mite meds and their shots and they are doing well now :) Thanks to everyone for their help.

  • DEXTER fans:

    Shotime is running a promo right now where in if you sign up for two months of Shotime service you can snag the first season of Dexter on DVD fo' FREE.


    Offer expires: 8/3/07. To receive a copy of Brotherhood and Dexter Season 1 DVD sets, print your name and address on a 3x5 card and mail it along with your first two month’s paid service bills dated between 6/22/07 and 10/3/07 indicating your new Showtime subscription to: Showtime’s Brotherhood/Dexter DVD Offer, P.O. Box 1395, Grand Rapids, MN 55745-1395. Offer available to new Showtime subscribers only. Proof of purchase required. Limit one DVD set per household. This offer cannot be combined with any other Showtime Offer. Your Brotherhood and Dexter DVD sets will be mailed to you within 6-8 weeks after the receipt of the above mentioned documents. Keep a copy for your files. Your response must be postmarked by 10/17/07 and received by 10/31/07.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Cable Television Company Employee