SethBling Completes Super Mario World Speedrun in Less Than One Minute

YouTuber/speedrunner SethBling has set a new speedrun record for Super Mario World. With an array of glitches and voodoo, he was able to trigger the end credits of the game in only 54.56 seconds. This story is hard to believe, and SethBling posted this following video to his YouTube channel.

SethBling posted a GoogleDoc breaking down his process.

Here's his setup:

  • Japanese SMW Cartridge
  • Two multitaps in 5P mode, each with two controllers plugged into the first two slots
  • Port 1 Controller 1: Gameplay controller
  • Port 2 Controller 1: 20 48 = L+Y+Up
  • Port 1 Controller 2: A0 82 = A+L+B+Left
  • Port 2 Controller 2: 80 AA = A+B+Select+Up+Left
  • If you use Bizhawk, you can enable multitaps in the SNES->Controller Configuration menu. Player 1=Port 1 Controller 1, Player 2=Port 1 Controller 2, Player 5=Port 2 Controller 1, Player 6=Port 2 Controller 2.

Congratulations to SethBling, you certainly did that thing for Shacknews! Although, we are still not entirely sure how you did it.

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