Destiny 2 Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Release Date and Time Announced

Hot on the heels of its first major DLC expansion, Destiny 2 will offer players worldwide the first crack at the new Raid Lair at the end of this week. Curse of Osiris, the initial DLC expansion to Destiny 2, launched on December 5. The release came in the wake of some bad PR for developer Bungie, who caught some flack from the community for a lack of transparency and communication around the game’s XP distribution and other issues. The team offered the community a new plan to make Destiny 2 great again last week, and the plan begins with the Curse of Osiris expansion.

Eater of Worlds Release Date and Time

Bungie fired off a tweet this morning to announced that the Raid Lair for Curse of Osiris, dubbed ‘Eater of Worlds’, will be open to expansion owners Friday December 6 at 10AM PST. The tweet also offered encouragement to player to become the world first team to complete the raid.

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