Pokemon GO Celebrates 3 Billion Catches with Ho-Oh Raid

Anyone who has logged into Pokemon GO in the last couple of hours may have noticed that there's a new Legendary Pokemon inhabiting Gyms all over the world. To celebrate a player milestone, Ho-Oh, the fire bird from the Pokemon Gold/Silver, has flown in as the game's latest raid boss.

"Congratulations! We issued a challenge—and you answered the call," reads the announcement from the Pokemon GO website. "Collectively, you caught over 3 billion Pokémon during the Global Catch Challenge, unlocking some amazing rewards along the way. But that’s not all... As a result of all your hard work, Ho-Oh is now appearing in Raid Battles at Gyms around the world until December 12, 2017. So, gather your friends and find a Legendary Raid near you!"

Ho-Oh's unlock is an additional bonus for Pokemon GO users' completion of the Global Catch Challenge. The challenge completion originally unlocked Farfetch'd, which is still roaming out in the wild right now.

Ho-Oh is a Fire/Flying-type, so bring along plenty of Rock Pokemon to help score quadruple damage. Water and Electric-types can also prove handy in this battle. The Pokemon website has a few more tips, including some suggestions on what to do once the battle is over. Ho-Oh will only be in Gyms for the next two weeks, so get moving!

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