Pokemon Go's New Global Catch Challenge Seems Farfetch'd

As Americans are preparing for tomorrow's inevitable food comas, Niantic is keeping a watchful eye on Pokemon Go's overall creature capture rate. The development team recently kicked off the new Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge, and if players can manage to capture enough creatures by this Sunday, the studio will disperse the Flying-type Pokemon Farfetch'd out into the wild.

This won't exactly be a small task: the number of captured creatures required to unlock Farfetch'd is set at 3 billion. Billion. Fortunately, good progress has already been made: as of yesterday, just over one billion creatures had already been captured. Considering that progress was made since early Monday morning, players definitely still have a chance to pull in big numbers.

And, in the totally-plausible case players don't quite reach 3 billion captured creatures, Niantic is still willing to provide other bonuses: 500 million overall catches — a goal that has already been met — will unlock a temporary double XP bonus and six-hour Lures, while 1.5 billion captures will unlock both of the previous bonuses as well as double Stardust.

Assuming players can work together and capture 3 billion creatures by the Sunday deadline, Farfetch'd will be made available worldwide for just 48 hours, with Kangaskhan being unlocked in East Asia for the same time period. It's not immediately clear whether or not East Asian territories will also be getting Farfetch'd in addition to Kangaskhan, but either way, it's likely that Pokemon Go players will still have their hands full trying to capture the rare creature before it disappears.

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