How To Help Stop The FCC's Net Neutrality Repeal

The FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced his plans to repeal Net Neutrality rules set in place by President Obama. We now have three weeks to voice our opinions to our lawmakers to prevent this from happening. 

How To Help Stop The FCC's Net Neutrality Repeal

Write to your House Representative here and Senators here

Write to the FCC here

Add a comment to the repeal here

Here's an easier URL you can use thanks to John Oliver

You can support groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation,ACLU and Free Press who are fighting to keep Net Neutrality:

You can also use this to help you contact your house and congressional reps. It's easy to use and cuts down on the transaction costs with writing a letter to your reps

Also check this out, which was made by the EFF and is a low transaction cost tool for writing all your reps in one fell swoop.

Shout out to r/gaming for the info and Reddit users synbios16vriska1 and tylerbrockett for compiling all of this information.

We live in a country where an oligopoly of companies control the bandwidth to the Internet, but we cannot give them the power that FCC Chairman Pai dreams of. There is still time for all of us to stand up for a fair Internet that is free of censorship and preferential treatment. Do it for Shacknews.

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