Street Fighter 5 Offers Sneak Peek at New V-Trigger Moves

Street Fighter V has become an increasing mental game of chess, with the addition of its Season 2 characters. Recognizing key matchups is more critical than ever, but the formula is about to get even more varied with the arrival of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

As noted during Arcade Edition's initial October announcement, the existing roster is going to get a whole new slew of V-Trigger moves. To offer an idea of what's coming, Capcom released a teaser video revealing some of these new maneuvers. Some of them will extend combos, other will hit for harder knockdowns, and others can even be chained into juggles.

PlayStation Experience attendees will be the first to go hands-on with these new V-Trigger additions. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will introduce these new moves, along with Arcade Mode and Extra Battle Mode. It's set to release on January 16 for $39.99, though current Street Fighter V owners will get all of the new gameplay changes and new game modes as a free update.

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