Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Adds Features, Free to All Current Users

While Street Fighter V has its early adopters, there are a chunk of folks that have not picked up the latest iteration of the franchise. Capcom realizes those people might have some catching up to do, so the publisher announced Thursday morning that it would release Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Arcade Edition will pack in a whole new user-interface, alongside an Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, whole new V-trigger moves, a Gallery, and all of the Season 1 and 2 DLC characters. Arcade Mode is a single-player mode that has players selecting six different paths. The Extra Battle Mode will offer up time-exclusive challenges that will cost Fight Money to participate in, but offer up unique cosmetic rewards.

Normally, this would be where Street Fighter owners would chime in talking about how they need to buy another version of the Street Fighter game they already own. That won't be the case, though, as all owners of the current edition Street Fighter V will receive all of the Arcade Edition extras through a free update. (Not the DLC characters, though. Those still need to be purchased either with real money or Fight Money.) On top of that, owners of both the prime SFV and the Arcade Edition SFV will all be able to play with each other across both PlayStation 4 and PC.

Look for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition to come to PlayStation 4 and PC on January 16 for $39.99. As for the current edition of the game? There's still one DLC character left to go after Menat was added in August to round out Season 2, so look for that reveal to come soon.

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