Cuphead Rolls the Dice and Sells Over 1 Million Copies in Two Weeks

Who knew that old-timey animation would be such a draw for a video game? StudioMDHR certainly did, as the indie developer studio bet on itself (not against King Dice and the Devil, of course) and appear to have come out winners, announcing that Cuphead has sold over one million copies in just under two weeks.

"Cuphead has only been out for two weeks and we never could have dreamed of the reception we've received from our amazing fans!" the StudioMDHR website stated. "Today, we wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your support and we're excited to share that Cuphead has gone platinum with over 1 million units sold!"

Cuphead released at the end of September to near-universal acclaim (including a high score from Shacknews), garnering praise for its art style, solid platforming mechanics, and crushing difficulty that felt completely masochistic without feeling unfair. It's also found a home with Twitch streamers and speedrunners, with the game's insane difficulty providing a wholesome challenge.

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