Heroes of the Storm is in Ana's Sights Today

The heroes and villains of the Nexus are squarely in Ana's crosshairs now. The Overwatch sniper officially makes her debut in Heroes of the Storm today as part of its latest patch.

Shacknews recently offered an overview of Ana's abilities. A cross between an offensive sniper and a support character, Ana is sure to be a big help when healing allies with her Healing Dart or a major pest when leaving foes immobile with her Sleep Dart.

Today's patch also features the debut of Volskaya Foundry, a rare Control Point battleground. Teams will compete to control one of three control points, with victory coming after the team's victory progress bar fills up completely. In fact, it literally feels like Overwatch, but in MOBA form.

Players can also pick up a Triglav Protector after gaining control of a point. These giant mechs are controlled by two teammates, with one acting as the pilot and the other as the gunner.

Volskaya Foundry has also undergone some changes following a round of PTR testing. Mercenaries have been buffed, while item drops and Support Camp mechanics have been tweaked slightly.

For more information on this new patch, including the balance tweaks issued to the existing roster of heroes, visit the Heroes of the Storm website.

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