Heroes of the Storm Invades Overwatch's Volskaya Foundry; Ana & Junkrat Coming Soon

The Nexus has suddenly gotten a little bit colder. Blizzard revealed a new battleground for Heroes of the Storm today, one inspired by sister franchise Overwatch. Volskaya Foundry takes Blizzard's MOBA to the frozen tundra and sprinkles in several Overwatch elements into the battleground victory objectives.

But Heroes of the Storm is getting more than just this battleground from Overwatch. It's also getting another pair of Overwatch characters for the Heroes roster. Sniper Ana and explosives expert Junkrat will soon be joining the battle, as confirmed by today's trailer reveal.

Teams fighting along the medium-sized Volskaya Foundry battleground will aim to capture the control points for victory in King of the Hill-style conflicts. In addition to feeding the victory objective, capturing a control point can also give teams control of a giant Triglav Protector mech, built specifically to combat warriors of the Nexus. The mech is piloted by two team members, with one player acting as the pilot and a second player acting as the gunner.

For more information on what to expect from Volskaya Foundry, check out the video below and visit the Heroes of the Storm website. Look for this new battleground to hit Heroes of the Storm in the game's next major patch. Ana and Junkrat should also make their Heroes of the Storm debuts around that time, so look for more information on these characters in the near future.

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