Another PUBG Streamer Banned, This Time For Exploiting Known Bug

In June, we reported that Bluehole Studios had used the banhammer over 25,000 times in 3 months in pursuit of a fair experience for players. It was described as an “ongoing battle” and the developers have certainly had their hands full with stream snipers since our report, but now another popular streamer has been banned. This time around the reason is due to the exploitation of a glitch that the streamer acknowledged awareness of.

The glitch in question here is one that leaves players vulnerable because the house they inhabit didn’t render correctly in the game space. As reported by PC Gamer, the streamer expressed knowledge of the glitch before taking his opponents out. Not only that, the streamer said multiple times during the stream that they'd get banned for what they were doing. Wish granted.

The ban has sparked a conversation in the PUBG community, but this one sounds pretty cut and dry. There are surely a lot of instances where players have come across someone that seemed to be just standing out in the open when the glitch was actually taking place. It’s possible it has even happened to me and I’ve gotten a kill, but not while completely aware it was happening. The streamer’s declaration of awareness during stream probably made this the easiest ban Bluehole has had to hand out. It’s not a case of just encountering a bug and getting banned. It’s a case of explicitly exploiting one.

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