E3 2017: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Is Making A Splash on Nintendo 3DS

Mario and Luigi are back again, and this time they’re starring in an update of their original Game Boy Advance RPG, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. Announced during today’s Nintendo Treehouse livestream, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions is a brand new remake that not only includes updated graphics for the original game, but a brand new side mission that tasks you with playing Bowser’s minions as they search for their beloved master.

The game is just as you remember it if you played it during its first run. You’ll control both Mario and Luigi as you solve puzzles and kick butt throughout several different worlds on your way to find the dastardly Bowser. But that’s not all! You also get a more strategic way to play with Bowser’s Minions, which has you amassing a whole army of enemy characters like Goombas and the like as you rally the troops to go after your boss. So even if you already played the game to death back during its debut, there’s still something for you here.

With better-looking sprites (new shading!), additional content, and even two new amiibo to go with the game upon its debut, there’s plenty of reasons to take this colorful journey again. It’s touching down on 3DS on October 6. As it stands, October is already looking pretty busy in terms of new releases.

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