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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor trailer explains Kinect hybrid controls

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 04, 2012 6:00am PDT

A new Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor trailer explains just how the mech 'em up combines Kinect and gamepad controls to simulate piloting a mech. It's quite a different approach to the original's 40-button controller, but sounds intriguing.


"Maybe they should include the option to put a semi-transparent image of yourself on the screen ..."

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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor stomping out in June

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 05, 2012 1:15pm PST

Kinect-powered mech 'em up Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is lined up to launch on June 19. Publisher Capcom celebrated today's announcement with a set of new screenshots and two new trailers for Armored Core creator From Software's robofest.


"Don't think I'm going to reserve this game like I did with the original Steel Battalion."

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Steel Battalion's Kinect & controller combo controls explained

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 26, 2011 11:15am PDT

So how does Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor work in the absence of a 300 button controller? It uses both Kinect and the Xbox 360 controller in tandem to recreate the experience of being in a mech war--just like in real life!


"Steel Battalion in name only. Nowhere near the sense of epic that the original had with it's ..."

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