Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor trailer explains Kinect hybrid controls

If you're still mourning the fact that Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor doesn't use a wacky custom controller like its predecessor, chin up! A new video explains how, by combining Kinect with an Xbox 360 controller, the mech 'em up still offers sim-y interaction--complete with punching out-of-control crew members.

The gamepad is used for basic movement and firing, but will combine with Kinect gestures like leaning forwards to aim through a window, reaching up to raise the periscope, and standing up to peek out the hatch. While it's all quite different to the original Steel Battalion's joysticks and buttons, it's the same idea of simulating being inside a mech, and sounds jolly good fun.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is stomping onto Xbox 360 Kinect on June 19, made by Dark Souls developer From Software and published by Capcom.

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