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Call of Duty Elite has 2 million paying subscribers

By Andrew Yoon, May 09, 2012 2:15pm PDT

Activision's Call of Duty Elite subscription service now has two million paying members.


"really it costs £60 for elite subscrition. it costs £12 per map pack. if they release 4 map ..."

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Modern Warfare 3 free 'Face Off' mode on Xbox 360 next week

By Andrew Yoon, May 09, 2012 1:00pm PDT

With all the hubbub over Call of Duty's "season of content," it's nice to see Activision throw non-paying fans a bone with some free DLC. Coming May 15th is the new Face Off mode--created specifically for 1v1 and 2v2 battles.


Modern Warfare 3 DLC available on PC in May

By Andrew Yoon, Apr 27, 2012 5:00pm PDT

PC gamers can finally pay for Call of Duty DLC next month.


"They aren't farming the console market so much as MS probably paid them to make it exclusive "

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Call of Duty Elite April DLC available on Xbox 360 tomorrow

By Andrew Yoon, Apr 09, 2012 4:45pm PDT

Like clockwork, Call of Duty Elite members can expect their monthly Modern Warfare 3 DLC tomorrow.


"dammit, when is the PC gonna get some DLC... i'm starting to get very bored with the maps... "

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Modern Warfare 3 'Content Collection' coming to Xbox 360 on March 20

By Andrew Yoon, Feb 29, 2012 11:00am PST

As promised, the first DLC for Modern Warfare 3 that doesn't require a Call of Duty Elite subscription will be available on Xbox Live on March 20th.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 'Content Collection' coming to Xbox 360 in March

By Andrew Yoon, Feb 09, 2012 1:45pm PST

Finally! Non-Elite peons of Call of Duty's online community will be able to buy the first map pack for Modern Warfare 3 in March.


Modern Warfare 3 'Overwatch' map available February 21

By Andrew Yoon, Feb 07, 2012 11:00am PST

Call of Duty Elite premium members will be able to download one extra map for Modern Warfare 3 this month called "Overwatch."


Modern Warfare 3 DLC season begins February 28 on PS3

By Andrew Yoon, Feb 02, 2012 10:30am PST

The Piazza and Liberation maps will be available for Call of Duty Elite subscribers on the PS3 starting February 28th.


"Well, more options are always nice, I won't argue with that. Personally though, using a gamepad ..."

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Modern Warfare 3 'season of content' schedule revealed

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 25, 2012 8:00am PST

Activision promised twenty content drops for Modern Warfare 3 over it's "season of content." One day after the launch of the game's first DLC, the publisher has revealed its year-long DLC release schedule.


"No, because it's one drop with three items. Not three drops. These drops are free for Elite ..."

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How to download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC today

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 24, 2012 7:15am PST

Call of Duty DLC is out today... if you're a premium Call of Duty Elite subscriber playing on Xbox 360. If you want to get hands on your content, expect to jump through a few hoops.


"I think the interesting thing about the confusion here is that... this will be commonplace. ..."

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Modern Warfare 3 DLC content release schedule revealed

By Xav de Matos, Jan 10, 2012 10:26am PST

Activision has announced the release schedule for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for both premium and standard Call of Duty Elite members.


"I kind of wish they would stop bothering with a $60 full retail game. The single player in Call ..."

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Call of Duty Elite available on iOS tomorrow, Android next week

By Andrew Yoon, Jan 09, 2012 10:45am PST

The mobile version of Call of Duty Elite, originally supposed to launch alongside Elite, will be available starting tomorrow.


"I love the idea of elite by why are they adding apps when the website itself hardly works ..."

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC begins late January

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 21, 2011 6:45am PST

Of course Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was going to get its own share of downloadable content. And if you're paying for Call of Duty Elite on Xbox 360, you can expect the first expansion to arrive in late January.


"I wonder if it's going to be any larger than the current ones? Cause they suck in size for the ..."

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Modern Warfare 3 update re-balances weapons

By Xav de Matos, Dec 13, 2011 2:00pm PST

Developers Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have pushed a new update to all versions of the best-selling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


"can someone please confirm that you can quickscope (similar to cod4) in this game? If so, I ..."

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Shack PSA: Call of Duty Elite Founder registration ends today

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 30, 2011 8:00am PST

Activision's premium COD service offers extra benefits for "Founders," and today is the last day you can get the shiny, special "permanent designation" that only a million other people have so far.


"For Founders and Hardened Edition and tokens and deadlines and all that, it would have been nice ..."

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