Modern Warfare 3 'Content Collection 2' now available on Xbox 360

Not one of Call of Duty's two million Elite subscribers? While paid members have been getting monthly content drops, there are still many players that want to buy their DLC piecemeal. That's where the "Content Collections" come in.

The second DLC pack for non-Elite members is now available on Xbox 360. "Content Collection #2" contains five maps: Getaway, Lookout, Sanctuary, Foundation, Oasis, Kill Switch, and Iron Clad. In addition, the add-on offers two spec ops missions: Kill Switch and Iron Clad.

As with the first DLC pack, it will be available for 1200 Microsoft Points, or $14.99. Activision still hasn't given release details for the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of the pack, and simply promises that it will be rolled out "at a later date." Generally, PlayStation 3 players have had to wait a month for their content, so we may see this content pack hitting in June.

If this $15 price tag is giving you second thoughts on Elite, the subscription service is still available for $49.99, which will offer a net savings compared to picking up all the packs individually. If you're not interested in paying for anything, Activision did recently release a new "Face Off" mode for free.