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PSA: Mercedes-Benz cars invade Mario Kart 8 starting today

By Robert Workman, Aug 06, 2014 12:30pm PDT

Wii U owners can also download the original Super Mario Kart as well.


"Don't bother, the article itself is made up of inaccurate information that wasn't even ..."

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Mario Kart 8 sells 1.2 million worldwide in opening weekend

By Robert Workman, Jun 02, 2014 11:15am PDT

Mario Kart 8 has gotten off to a good start when it comes to sales.


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E3 2011: Mario Kart 3DS

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 08, 2011 2:45pm PDT

Mario Kart 3DS continues a tradition of tight controls, iconic weapons, and "blue sparks" drifting. New to this version is paragliding and pretty 3D graphics.


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Daily Filter: January 19, 2011

By Xav de Matos, Jan 19, 2011 8:00pm PST

Shacknews receives a slew of new screenshots and trailers for upcom