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Left 4 Dead has an unfinished campaign that has finally been released

By John Keefer, Nov 07, 2016 10:03am PST

Developer Turtle Rock Studios says it isn't feature complete, but it is playable from beginning to end.


Left 4 Dead 2 may kill again via Xbox One backwards compatibility [Update]

By Daniel Perez, Jan 27, 2016 8:22am PST

Valve's classic 4-player co-op shooter might soon support the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature.


"Even if ~20 is the range, Half-Life is over 17 years old; I think it's close enough."

- RaptorII see all 13 comments
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Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2 gameplay trailer

Left 4 Dead 2 invades the world of Resident Evil 6 with the first official gameplay trailer.

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