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Modojo Rewind: The Mobile Revival

By Kevin Tucker, Mar 16, 2018 3:40pm PDT

This week's Modojo Rewind checks out a few established game series making the jump to mobile, plus a crucial PSA for Nintendo Switch owners.


Fruit Ninja Developer Halfbrick Slashes Half its Staff in Layoffs

By Kevin Tucker, Mar 13, 2018 3:30pm PDT

Reports indicate that restructuring has led the development studio to lay off up to 30 members of its staff.


"An interesting article from a few years ago when Halfbrick laid off all their actual designers ..."

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Bears vs Art is next game from Fruit Ninja & Jetpack Joyride dev

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 11, 2014 2:00pm PDT

What do bears have against art? That's the question developer Halfbrick asks for its latest, Bears vs Art. This is the studio's first puzzle game, after having made action games like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride.


Colossatron: Massive World Threat smashes iOS and Android on December 19

By Ozzie Mejia, Dec 11, 2013 3:15pm PST

Colossatron: Massive World Threat, from the makers of Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja, is ready to smash a city near you. Halfbrick will bring the game to iOS and Android on December 19.


Fruit Ninja/Jetpack Joyride studio announces Colossatron: Massive World Threat

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 18, 2013 5:30pm PDT

Halfbrick, makers of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, have unveiled their next game at PAX Australia -- Colossatron: Massive World Threat.


Jetpack Joyride jumps to PS3 and Vita, free-to-play

By Andrew Yoon, Dec 21, 2012 2:30pm PST

Jetpack Joyride is getting the HD treatment and heading to PlayStation Network for both PS3 and Vita. Best of all, the auto-running game will be free-to-play, much like its mobile phone progenitor.


Fruit Ninja Kinect DLC goes '8-Bit' in retro DLC

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 28, 2012 4:30pm PDT

Before guns were invented in 1993 by Barry Gunn, video games were joyous celebrations of collecting all the fruits of the world. Face-shooting has dominated video games ever since, for better or worse, but now Fruit Ninja Kinect is trying to reconcile the past and present in...


Jetpack Joyride more profitable since going free-to-play

By Jeff Mattas, Feb 08, 2012 1:30pm PST

Indie developer Halfbrick has revealed that its iOS hit, Jetpack Joyride, has been downloaded 14 million times, and is more profitable since going free-to-play.


Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots announced

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 07, 2011 2:00pm PDT

Halfbrick has announced a sequel to Fruit Ninja to coincide with the upcoming release of Puss in Boots. Yep, here's Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots.