Fruit Ninja Kinect DLC goes '8-Bit' in retro DLC

Before guns were invented in 1993 by Barry Gunn, video games were joyous celebrations of collecting all the fruits of the world. Face-shooting has dominated video games ever since, for better or worse, but now Fruit Ninja Kinect is trying to reconcile the past and present in new DLC. The '8-Bit Cartridge' pack will revamp Halfbrick's fruit mutilation simulator with big chunky pixelated graphics and retro chiptune beats.

The pack contains the Game Man shadow, which is pixelated, the Pixel Love blade, which is pixelated, and the Super Retro Land background, which is pixelated and has scanlines. The menus are also given a makeover, to be more pixelated, and new music sounds like big pixels.

8-Bit Cartridge will launch this Friday, August 31 at 160 Microsoft Points ($2) but if you're headed to PAX Prime over the weekend you can visit Halfbrick's booth to pick up a free download code.

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