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Battlefield 4 won't include mod support

By Steve Watts, Jun 14, 2013 11:15am PDT

DICE general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson has confirmed that Battlefield 4 won't include mod support, though he noted that it's a subject DICE is actively considering for future games.


"Anything that's made for a primarily console audience won't have mod support really. At least ..."

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Battlefield 4 multiplayer preview: Commander Mode and 'Levolution'

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 13, 2013 9:30am PDT

Commander Mode and "Levolution" add interesting new possibilities to Battlefield's multiplayer.


"I think its important to mention that commander mode is not just an addition, but a re-addition ..."

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Battlefield 4: Second Assault DLC coming first to Xbox One

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 10, 2013 11:39am PDT

Battlefield 4: Second Assault DLC will be available first on Xbox One.


"I'd play it if I could collapse the entirety of the tunnels and then end the map."

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Battlefield 4 pre-orders include BF3 bonuses

By Steve Watts, Jun 05, 2013 9:15am PDT

Another Battlefield 4 pre-order bonus includes unlocks for Battlefield 3.


"Exclusive to gamestop, requires power up membership, requires Origin, if Steam is detected game ..."

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Battlefield 4 producer says single-player should feel 'autonomous'

By Steve Watts, May 22, 2013 2:30pm PDT

Battlefield 4 producer Patrick Bach says that DICE is designing the single-player campaign to make the player feel "autonomous" rather than "locking the player in situations where things go boom."


"I mean it's also perfectly acceptable to not play a game because of issues with the platform ..."

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Battlefield 3 suffers DDOS attack, double XP weekend delayed

By Steve Watts, May 09, 2013 11:30am PDT

Battlefield 3 and the associated Battlelog service have been the target of DDOS attacks this week, resulting in downed servers and an indefinite delay to the planned double XP weekend.


"Honestly for me it felt like EA's refusal to allow private servers was their way of announcing ..."

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Battlefield 4 single-player campaign is DICE trying to 'grow up'

By John Keefer, Apr 16, 2013 12:30pm PDT

The Battlefield series has thrived on multiplayer, so it was a bit of a surprise when it was announced at GDC that Battlefield 4 would focus more on a single-player campaign. Developer DICE wants to create more than just a shooter experience and have players form a bond with...


"Enjoyed the BFBC2 campaign, but BF3 was total trash and only the air missions was cool."

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Frostbite 3 focus on being a better toolset, not just prettier graphics

By Andrew Yoon, Apr 03, 2013 9:30am PDT

EA wasn't just showing off Battlefield 4 at GDC last week. No, they were also showcasing the power of its new Frostbite 3 engine.


"What a load. Lack of mod support is because of DLC, not because it'd be too hard for most. Can't ..."

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Battlefield 4 won't have co-op due to 'focus' on single and multiplayer

By Steve Watts, Mar 28, 2013 1:25pm PDT

Battlefield 4 won't have a cooperative mode, according to a translated interview with DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson.


"Regenerating Health Regenerating vehicle Unlimited ammo in vehicles 3D spotting ..."

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Battlefield 4 skipping Wii U to avoid spreading too thin

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 27, 2013 9:00am PDT

Mention of the Wii U was conspicuously absent from yesterday's official announcement of Battlefield 4, even though it would seem to have enough muscle to carry the Frostbite 3 engine. Developer DICE is skipping Nintendo's new console, creative director Lars Gustavsson has sa...


"70 games and maybe 10 of them looks interesting or isn't cross platform."

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Battlefield 4 coming Fall 2013, powered by Frostbite 3

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 26, 2013 10:10pm PDT

Electronic Arts has officially "revealed" Battlefield 4, a more "human, dramatic, and believable" action game powered by the new Frostbite 3 engine. The upcoming shooter will be released this fall, according to EA.


"If by better you mean 'so much compression if I squint my eyes I can know with certainty how ..."

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Watch the Battlefield 4 trailer

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 26, 2013 8:50pm PDT

The official reveal is due to happen in over an hour, but for now, here's the first trailer for Battlefield 4.


"The kickback on that rifle looked a tad annoying... Look ok, but with the trend of ..."

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Battlefield 4 screenshots leak

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 26, 2013 5:32pm PDT

Later this evening, Electronic Arts plans to unveil Battlefield 4. However, an early leak of screenshots from the Battlefield blog appears to have spoiled some of the surprise.


"im atheist, can we please keep this discussion on track with games"

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Battlefield 4 to be unveiled at GDC

By Andrew Yoon, Mar 15, 2013 11:55am PDT

We all know Battlefield 4 is a thing. But finally, we'll get a good hard look at DICE's shooter at the Game Developer's Conference later this month.


"BC2 wasn't awful - the SP campaign was surprisingly well-written and enjoyable - but the lack of ..."

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Battlefield 3 'End Game' DLC starting roll-out this week

By Steve Watts, Mar 04, 2013 9:30am PST

Battlefield 3's "End Game" DLC finally has a set of dates. It will come to PS3 Premium members tomorrow, then Premium PC/Xbox 360 players next week, and subsequently all PS3 and then PC/360 players.


"First rule of chatty is... wait... there are no rules of chatty. There is no chatty. Please go ..."

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