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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for PS4 On Sale for $30 on Amazon Right Now

By David Craddock, Apr 08, 2016 12:25pm PDT

Amazon's prices fluctuate as suddenly as Ohio weather, so get this deal while it lasts.


Amazon underwhelms and over-promises with Prime Day deals

By Daniel Perez, Jul 15, 2015 1:20pm PDT

If you felt extremely underwhelmed by today's Amazon Prime Day sale, you weren't alone.


"Meh, I got $60 in assorted electronics accessories for $14. Sure they might have been on sale ..."

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Amazon Prime Day Deals: Gamer Edition

By Daniel Perez, Jul 15, 2015 6:37am PDT

Amazon Prime Day is taking place today, and we are compiling all of the notable video game sales going on throughout the day. Be sure to check back often to keep tabs on what's going on sale on Prime Day.


"I always have kept that up to date, so maybe that's why I havent noticed any issues. "

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Destiny for PS4 and Xbox One is 50% off on Amazon today

By Daniel Perez, Dec 16, 2014 11:15am PST

Those looking to pick up Destiny at its lowest price point possible this year can proceed to buy the game for $29.99 at Amazon, but act fast as it's only good for the day.


"I think the PvP is really well done...good loot and perk drops, tons of varied guns you want to ..."

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Amazon reveals new Fire games from WayForward, Frontier Developments

By Ozzie Mejia, Oct 14, 2014 2:30pm PDT

Amazon continues to bolster its gaming lineup for the Fire phone and tablets, revealing a trio of new games from some fairly well-known game developers.


Xbox One and Xbox 360 games being sold digitally on Amazon

By Robert Workman, Aug 14, 2014 6:30am PDT

Various titles are available for direct purchase for both systems.


"Id have to agree on this. It was better back in the day. Im STILL waiting for Murdered to go ..."

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Retailers Now Listing 3DS Titles and Pricing for Pre-Orders

By Jeff Mattas, Jan 19, 2011 6:40pm PST

Although Nintendo hasn't exactly been forthcoming about software pricing for the upcoming 3DS hand-held, Joystiq notes that a number retailers from...


"Good news then, the graphics are far above and beyond what a DS can pull off."

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

By Alice O'Connor, May 26, 2010 10:20am PDT

Test Drive Unlimited's PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release will be on September 21 in North America, publisher Atari announced today as well as...


"Will I be able to easily find and play with friends? Or will this one have the same terrible ..."

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Mafia 2 Collector's Edition, Pre-Order DLC Revealed

By Chris Faylor, May 26, 2010 8:20am PDT

Those looking to buy 2K Czech's old-timey open-world mobster game Mafia II now have several additional purchasing options, as publisher 2K Games...


"What are you guys all complaining about? Its not like they are forcing us to buy the DLC and ..."

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Naughty Bear Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

By Chris Faylor, Apr 27, 2010 1:20pm PDT

Be careful where you go for your sadistic stuffing, as developer A2M and publisher 505 Games have unveiled some retailer-specific pre-order bonuses...


"Even though this game looks like garbage Im sure it....nah...who am I trying to fool...it'll be ..."

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Transformers Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

By Chris Faylor, Apr 26, 2010 3:40pm PDT

With Transformers: War for Cybertron now sporting a rel


"How 'bout just put it all in the game and sell it at one price point to everyone who wants it."

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EA Readying 'Popular and Fun' Kindle Games, Reportedly Working on New Apple Tablet

By Chris Faylor, Jan 21, 2010 9:50am PST

As rumors of Apple unveiling a new tablet device next week continue to swirl, The Wall Street Journal reports that video game colossus Electronic...


"I'll have to patent my "Ritalin Dispenser" for the Apple Tablet right now :)"

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Amazon.com Now Selling PlayStation Store Games, Downloadable Content

By Chris Faylor, Oct 07, 2009 8:33am PDT

Amazon.com today launched a new PlayStation Network store, allowing users to purchase downloadable PlayStation 3 and PSP content through the...


"Me thinks this is exactly WHY you can't download from Amazon ;)"

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Xbox Live Arcade Games Come to Amazon.com

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 08, 2009 9:17am PDT

Online retailer Amazon today launched a new Xbox Live store which offers codes for downloadable Xbox 360 games, along with the regular assortment...


"Excellent suggestion. I doubt I'll ever have 0 points again. XBL points are like long ..."

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Amazon.com Begins Buying, Selling Used Games

By Chris Faylor, Mar 05, 2009 10:39am PST

Joining the lucrative used game market, online retailer Amazon.com today began accepting console game trades in exchange for credit, which can then...


"you make a whole hell of a lot more money..and its not THAT difficult :)"

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