Full AR Won't Be Realized For Another 5-10 Years, Oculus Says

Much like virtual reality, augmented reality is in its infancy. VR, which puts you into a world or situation through the use of special optics and headset, is a bit further along with the likes of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. But AR, which superimposes an image over the user's view of the real world, has only scratched the surface. Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash thinks that full implementation of AR is at least 5-10 years away.

“Full AR will not be an occasional or special case device,” Abrash said during Facebook's F8 developer conference (via UploadVR). “It will be your always-on helper continually aware of your surroundings, your context, and your history. Constantly mixing the real and virtual worlds to serve your needs and keep you connected.”

While many might have experience rudimentary AR through mobile game Pokemon Go, Abrash said the device he envisions will be “glasses that enhance your vision and hearing seamlessly, that make you smarter and more capable, and that are light, comfortable, stylish, power efficient, and socially acceptable to be a constant part of your life.”

Even today's best equipment has nothing on what AR should be down the road. All areas that utilize VR need upgrades and better tech for this to become a reality, and anything "state of the art" may be the best in a couple years, but far from the immersion Abrash foresees.

But when it finally does happen, “I predict that AR will involve the greatest leap in the nature of human/computer interactions since the mouse and GUI,” he said.

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